Diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the facial bones, neck lumps, scalp, nose, salivary glands, temporomanibular joints (TMJ), and facial pain.

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Diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the mouth and tongue, and oral surgical treatments such as the removal of wisdom teeth.

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Surgical treatment for the removal and reconstruction of skin cancers, and benign lumps and moles.

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Assessment and treatment to rejuvenate the appearance of the face, including eye bag removal, face lift, and anti-wrinkle injections.

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Mr Knepil is a Consultant Surgeon for Gloucestershire NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust, Nuffield Hospital Cheltenham, Winfield Hospital Gloucester, and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Bristol University Medical School. He provides surgical treatments for conditions affecting the face, mouth, and skin.

Private consultations and treatments are undertaken, at Cheltenham General Hospital, Gloucester Royal Hospital, Winfield Hospital Gloucester, and the Nuffield Hospital Cheltenham.

The European Academy of Facial Plastic SurgeonsThe Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh